Taxes & The Library

  1. AARP will be back (TBA) to do taxes in WCH. As soon as they give us their schedule we will be taking appointments in the adult department.
  2. As we get tax forms they will be put out on the main display upstairs in the Adult Department. (Note: Each year we get fewer forms and they are slow to arrive.)
  3. You can call the IRS & State Department of Taxation to have forms mailed to you or you can download forms from their web sites. (Note: online e-Filing is being pushed by both agencies.)
  4. Our staff can and will print blank forms, schedules, worksheets, etc. The 1st 5 staff printed sheets are free. Additional pages are 20¢ a page.
  5. The public can print blank forms, schedules, worksheets, etc. and completed taxes. Any pages printed pages by the public are 20¢ a page.

Federal Forms: 1-800-829-3676 to order Forms and Publications by U.S. Mail

State Forms: 1-800-282-1780 to order tax products to be delivered by mail