Library Cards

Library Card Policy
  1. New borrowers may register for a library card by providing verification of name and current address. The library staff has the right to request age verification before issuing a card. Library cards must be presented to check out materials.

  2. The first Library Card is free. Lost or stolen cards can be replaced for a $1.00 fee.

  3. A parent or legal guardian must sign the application of child under age 18. Children must be in Kindergarten to register for a library card. Children not yet in school may check out materials on their parent's card. Children's registration cards will be filed with the registration of the parent or legal guardian who is requests the cards. Children may use their library cards to check out any of the materials in the library.  Parents/guardians are responsible for all materials checked out by their children.

  4. Library cards are valid for 2 years. A patron with an expired card will be asked to verify name and current address.
eCards FAQ
The Carnegie Public Library eCard gives you instant access to thousands of ebooks, movies, audio files, magazines and more.
Patrons who might be interested in our eCards?
  • Students who are interested in reading/media entertainment or need homework resources and prefer to use their personal devices at home.
  • Patrons attending college and are no longer regularly visiting the physical library location.
  • Non-Local genealogists or researchers who wish to use our electronic resources.
  • General patrons whose lives are too busy to visit the library or prefer to use their personal devices for entertainment or informational purposes.
Your Carnegie Public Library eCard gives you access to:
  • Downloadable ebooks and multimedia through the Ohio Digital Libary
  • Research databases provide by the Ohio Web Library
  • Heritage Quest Genealogy database
  • Gale LegalForms database of Ohio legal forms
How to get an eCard
To register for an eCard, you must do one of the following:
  • Visit the Library in person do be issued a new eCard. (Bring driver’s license/ID to verify that you don’t already have an account in our system.)
  • If you already have an existing card; call and talk to one of the staff to determine if your card can be changed to an eCard profile.
To register for an eCard, you must meet one two of the following criteria:
  • You must have a Full-Card in good standing us with or with one of our member libraries. (Having no fines or charges for lost items.)
  • Never had a card with us or one of our member libraries.
Additionally, you must be an individual age 13 or older with no other active library card with the Carnegie Public Library. To comply with COPPA, we can't allow children under 13 to fill out the registration form.

Upgrade Your eCard: (You must be age 18 or over to get or upgrade to a Full-Card)
The Carnegie Public Library Full-Card entitles you to all benefits of an eCard and borrowing privileges for physical materials.
eCards can be upgraded at Carnegie Public Library-WCH or Jeffersonville locations. Bring a Driver's license/ID card and proof of current address.
Checkouts, holds, and wishlists of downloadable audiobooks and eBooks will be transferred to your upgraded card.