Checkout Rules, Fines, Fees, and Charges

Circulation Desk

Loan Limits:

New Borrower (Effective for first 90 days on new cards.)
Loan Limits: Total 5 items

Full Borrower (Effective after 90 days, when new cards are changed to a full card.)
         Loan Limits: Total 50 items

Item Limits: Number of items permitted per type.
                5             Movies (DVDs, & Blu-ray Discs)
                15           Audio Books
                50           Books

Loan Periods: Length of checkout time per item type.
                28 days                 All Items

Fines & Fees:
 “Lost/Long Overdue” Material Fines:
Any material more than 30 days overdue will be considered lost. Additional charges may be added to these items at this time. There is a $12.00 processing/referral fee charge applied an account once item/s are referred to collection. The $12.00 processing/referral fee cannot be waived.

“Damaged” Material Fines:
Any item/s that has been returned damaged may result in charges being applied to an account. Supervisors will assess the damage and determine the amount of the charges to apply up to the full replacement cost of damaged item/s. An additional $12.00 processing/referral charge may be applied to account if item/s are returned Lost/Long Overdue (see above).


Service Fees:
Copy/Computer & USB Printing Fees:
                Black & White               20¢ per page
                Color*                           40¢ per page
*Color printing/copying is available by request at the main desk.

Faxing Fees:
                1-5 pages                      $1.00 per page
                6-25 pages                    $5.00 Flat Fee
                26-50 pages                  $10.00 Flat Fee
                50+    pages                  $15.00 Flat Fee
(Ask for help faxing at the main desk.)             

Scanning to Email Fees:             FREE
Genealogy Requests: (Suggested donations for requests.)
                1st Obituary or Information Request                                 $5.00
                Each additional Obituary or Information Request              $1.00 per request

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